Friday, October 2, 2009

Updates! [OOP]*

*For future reference, [OOP] in the title of a post will designate it as an Out-of-Pod (out of character) post.

Not to much to talk about right now, but I submitted Fury and Fire for addition to the EVE Online Blogroll setup by CrazyKinux and just in time! He's updated it with all recent submissions, including me. Hopefully that'll garner some more attention for Fury and Fire.

You can check out the entire EVE blogroll here and the navigation links at the top of his page have lots of other useful information.

Some other blogs I follow closely:

  • Roc's Ramblings - Roc is a champion of the anti-pirate cause in New Eden, but he's an awesome writer and the creator of the wonderful Capsuleer application for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. Anyone with access to the AppStore should definitely download his app. Best of all, it's free.
  • Rifter Drifter - Wensley's blog is great for aspiring pirates and pvpers with a particular interest in the Rifter. He's a shining example of how far one can go in frigates with dedication and skill. Not to mention, following links on his site got me into my current corp.
  • Nashh Kadavr's Eve Blog - Nashh is both a corpmate in TBRA and an aspiring member of the Bastards . You might recognize him from his Celebrity Death Matches (CDMs) with popular members of the EVE blogging community.

There are a couple of others I plan to link in the future but I'm in a bit of a hurry. Zombieland is out tonight!

Also some shameless corp promotion here.  The Black Rabbits Academy is currently recruiting aspiring pirates. Anyone who already knows what they're doing and isn't applying for the Bastards (all two of you) can check out The Black Rabbits as opposed to the Academy.

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