Monday, October 5, 2009

Couple updates [OOP]

Light news!
  • I've added ISKsense to the site, down on the bottom right. I'm a naturally lazy person, so I figured it'd give me more motivation to write. All the links are approved by CCP, so if you're feeling generous and want to help fatten my wallet, feel free to click some of them. (For those that don't know, ISKsense is like AdSense, except I get 30,000 ISK for every link that someone clicks.)
  • Working on a story post that will provide more background on my character and why he joined the Guristas.
  • CrazyKinux has just put up a speedlinking post with some links you should definitely check out if you haven't already, namely the Eurogamer article on DUST 514 that I mentioned earlier. Also, TECH THREE FRIGATES.
  • Nashh Kadavr needs to hurry up and announce his super secret CDM before I die of suspense. I'm personally hoping to see Nashh versus Alia Xi.

I'm out!

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