Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Land mines... in space! [OOP]

Sorry for the massive lack of posts, been dealing with lots of IRL BS the past few months but I think things are straightened out. Anyways, I've come up with an idea that I think could be integrated into the game in a decent fashion.

I find it incredibly odd that we don't see these in-game already. I am, of course, talking about minefields.

Landmines (spacemines) could be deployed around strategic 0.0 locations like gates and POSs. They would provide a sort of passive defense against incursions as well as a tool to set traps in enemy space. Pirates could deploy small minefields around asteroid belts to harass enemy operations or use them to blockade a POS with a much smaller gang than would usually be necessary. If implemented correctly, they could bolster the effectiveness of the 'roaming gangs' CCP wants to make important in 0.0.

The Mines
I would look to an existing weapon for inspiration. Bombs (fired from Stealth Bombers) come in a variety of flavors and deliver a massive punch. Mines would include the full damage type range as well as Lockbreaker and Void and deal similar damage upon detonation. They would be fired one at a time from a specialized Mine Layer module and would anchor close by. Upon anchoring, they would enter a cloaked state, ready to detonate. Similar to ship cloaks, anything within 2000 meters (2km) of a mine would uncloak it. Mines will recloak if the offending object leaves the 2000 meter zone to prevent friendly ships from accidently decloaking a whole field of mines.  Once the mine is anchored the pilot who deploys it can set some guidelines for how it will function. The proximity trigger can be set for anything between 2-4kms, and the blast radius up to 10km. Similar to stealth bombs, mines would run the possibility of destroying each other. As such, they would either have to be spaced apart with larger blast radii or packed together with smaller radii. Mines would decay after a certain amount of time, preventing a Vietnam effect.

Now, designing a method for deploying the mines presents several opportunities. As an aspiring Stealth Bomber pilot, I wouldn't protest to scrapping a Mine Layer module altogether and making the mines deployable only from Bomb Launchers, if only to provide SBs with another function. On the other hand, I'd really like to see Destroyer hulls get some love, and it would be interesting to see a TII destroyer hull based around the concept of mine warfare. These would be able to function as both minesweepers and minelayers, depending on whether they fit a Mine Layer module or a Mine Sweeper/tractor combo. The biggest problem this would pose is it's opposition to CCPs philosophy of "Don't make ships just to make ships." Such roles could likely be sidelined to normal destroyers just as effectively with some small changes.

If it turned out to be better for design that mines should only be used as a defensive tool, they could require a module to be onlined with the big shiny new SOV system in the system they are deployed in.

There has to be a way to counter minefields, should they serve an offensive role at all. Either a dedicated minesweeper (see above) or a destroyer would likely fit two things. A Mine Sweeper module allowing the pilot to detect mines from +5km away depending on the quality of the module (T2 > T1 etcs) and then disable the proximity triggers of a targetted mine. Common sense would dictate that the minesweeper would also fit a tractorbeam to pull them in without coming into range of other mines.

and ugh falling asleep but will finish tomorrow ASAP

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  1. think they had them a few years back,but were removed as was making some serious lag.Also ppl used to place them around gates wich used to blow up frigates passing realy quick.Waesent palying the game at the time,but heard the older players talk abouth it